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Melissa Folks
Head Trainer
Melissa is a full-time mom of 4 that likes to challenge herself daily. She has a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology and is currently going back to school for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Fitness has not always been a passion, but after having kids, she decided it was an opportune time to improve her health. During that journey, she has learned countless ways to stay fit while also enjoying the process. Melissa never backs down from a challenge but also likes to keep things simple. She is empathetic and ready to encourage you both mentally and physically to reach your short- and long-term goals. She's also experienced many highs and lows, and has worked hard to learn how to help herself and others break through plateaus with a positive mindset. She does not believe in quick fixes, but she’ll stay by your side through all of the hard work. Melissa understands daily struggles, and knows how easily stress and discouragements can derail your success. But she’s not going to let that happen, and is ready to help you create a new, positive chapter of your life. 

Specialties: At-Home Conditioning, HIIT, Low Impact Modifications, Simple Nutrition, Bodyweight Workouts, Minimal Equipment Workouts 
Diana Trindade
Personal Trainer
Being a mom of four has been difficult to get in shape and stay in shape. I've learned that consistency is key and that nothing happens overnight! I believe being fit isn't just being physically strong, but also being mentally strong! Being strong in every aspect of life is critical. Let me help you change your life!

Specialties: At-home workouts, fat loss and HIIT.
Bruno Pieske
Personal Trainer
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil on July 17th 1980. In my late teens I became fascinated by bodybuilding and training, immediately I started training using the 5BX plan, suggested to me by my dad. In a couple of months I reached the most advanced level and it wasn't enough for me, I wanted more. My dad took me to the best gym in town, the late "Formula Academia", it was 1997 and I was super excited to start lifting weights. I was eager to learn and bought lots of training and bodybuilding books, but something was not ok. I found out that the majority of athletes were using PEDs, this was a major disappointment to me, since I had no role models to look up to because staying a true natural bodybuilder was adamant to me. Then I learned about Steve Reeves, John Grimek, Eugen Sandow and Arthur Saxon. Immediately I set new goals and started to train using their methods. Meanwhile I also went to study Physical Education, I got my degree in 2002 at FMU-Unified Metropolitan Faculties, a private college in São Paulo, Brazil. I started to work as a certified trainer by the Brazilian Physical Education Counsel in 2003. In 2015 I opened my own gym in Poços de Caldas, a city located in the south of the state of Minas Gerais. Since my first contact with the wonderful world of training, I have never interrupted my workout routine, keeping in good shape is part of my lifestyle. My main goal with my work is to help others to achieve optimal fitness and strength the natural way!

Specialties: Muscle hypertrophy and endurance conditioning.
Jenessa Thornton
Personal Trainer
Jenessa is a full-time working mom that does shift work. She's been on two separate weight loss journeys. First pregnancy she gained 70lbs. Then over time, she was determined to lose the weight and compete in her very first bikini competition! She ended up competing in two that year. She then gained 80lbs with her second pregnancy! Jenessa decided it was time to make a lifestyle change and during that journey, she realized the love she had for inspiring others to change their lifestyle. Jenessa is ready and committed to helping you reach the goals you set out for yourself. She has been in your shoes and is ready to help you commit and apply yourself to naturally changing your lifestyle day by day!

Specialties: My program consists of HIGH INTENSITY workouts as well as nutrition plans to aid in fat loss and muscle building. As we work together, I will make revisions accordingly throughout the plan!
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