Here's What You'll Get
  • Fitness Routines: Our FitMom program changes every 4 weeks. So each month it's a NEW routine! And it's simple. Just follow the plan and you will see results!!
  • ​At-home AND Gym: Each day you are supposed to train we have both at-home AND gym routines. Don't feel like hitting the gym one day? No problem. Stay at home at workout! You can choose! 
  • ​​Scheduled Routines: You will be on a schedule. No more guessing what to do and when to do it. We line you out. Let us do the thinking and you do the work!
  • Training App Access: All exercises are housed inside our training app, where you can track all workouts. You will always have 24/7 access in your own client account!
  • Demonstrative Videos: ​Every exercise will have example videos, this way you can see how to perform every movement with perfect form!
  • ​Training Variables: Every exercise will have the number of sets, repetitions and/or time you need to do. You will know exactly what to do!
  • Update Progress: Inside our app, you can update your photos and measurements to keep track of progress!
  • ​Meal Plans: Every month you will have access to 5 different food plans to help you on your journey! Every plan will have the calories and macros and each month it's different!
  • ​Monthly Recipes: Each month, we will also give you a tasty recipe to add to your meal plans!
  • Free Trial: Lastly, if you aren't quite sure about this, you can simply try it out for free! You have 7 days to decide. If you don't like it we will just cancel you. 

Have a look at our app!

Disclaimers: Workout and food plans are not customized. The #FitMom Membership is dedicated to moms, therefore, the meal plans will reflect such group. Lastly, after the trial period ends, you will be billed for the membership plan you chose.
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Free trial
Free trial

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