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MUSCULAR HYPERTROPHY provides the science, rationale, and application so that you can put theory into practice and increase your muscle mass. With the abundant amount of research we have today in the field of exercise science, and more specifically skeletal muscle hypertrophy, there is no reason why you cannot reach your full muscular potential. Muscular Hypertrophy is a research-based, educational book for those who have the desire to learn more about the riveting science and practical application of how and why our muscles grow. Academically, this book can also be utilized as a comprehensive learning tool for university students. Thus, this text is for a variety of individuals—personal trainers, exercise scientists, college students, exercise enthusiasts, fitness competitors, or anyone with the hunger to gain a better understanding of muscular growth.
Features Inside
  • The history of bodybuilding from its origin to present day.
  • Graphs and photos to help you better understand the text.
  • Heavily-cited material with over 500 references.
  • Educational, focal-point summaries at the beginning of each chapter. 
  • Critical-thinking boxes to assess and objectify your program design.
  • Many muscle-building programs from our hypertrophy-based system.
  • Full glossary to utilize as a quick resource.
When it comes to purchasing a book on exercise, it can be a very daunting and exhausting decision as to which book to place your trust in and buy. There are hundreds of books on the subject to choose from, so what makes this book any different from the rest? The majority of books typically offer only one of two things, A) theoretical material without practical application (academia texts), or B)applicable material without theoretical scientific backing (books by practitioners). Unfortunately, most of the books on the market do not combine the two, and this is where Applied Exercise Science stands triumphant. This book elucidates the application of exercise and nutrition, whereby bridging the gap between theory and practice on a comprehensive level where you–the reader–can understand and apply the sciences. Applied Exercise Science is broken into five sections: foundations, unified exercise theory, research, application, and nutrition.
This is a book of diets dedicated to women! We have over 40 diets to choose from (ranging from 1000 to 2100 calories) and guidelines for you to figure out WHICH diet you need to utilize at any given time. All diets are specified by two things: caloric intake and carb intake. I also provide supplementation recommendations to aid the process. If you are unsure of the FOOD SOURCES to eat, the MACRONUTRIENTS you need and the CALORIC intake to consume, then this book will give you that guidance! 
Note: This is a digital book
Stage Ready goes against the conventional grain in how to apply contest preparation. Not only does it give you important details needed for this journey, but it also doesn't bombard you with the "bioscience" you are routinely exposed to in the fitness circles. This innovative book discusses all aspects of bodybuilding competitions, such as preparation methods, metabolic damage, peaking, drug usage, posing, politics, and much more. With this book, you will actualize your vision of stepping on stage; if you are already a competitor, you’ll be refreshed with a different perspective.
Features Inside
  • Compelling interviews that reveal the truth about bodybuilding. 
  • New cardio prep design Cardio Frontloading™.
  • The reality of metabolic damage and how to counter it. 
  • Say ‘no’ to broccoli and eat sugar during your prep!
  • Guidelines for peak week and how to execute it.
  • Posing and presentation details to ensure success.
  • Cited research combined with first-hand experience.
Note: This is a digital book
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